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"Montessori Education
Preparation for Life”

El Cerrito, Richmond

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Montessori House for children in El Cerrito, Richmond, Montessori School Program is aimed to small chidren of
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Childcare council sponsored parents programs are welcome and frr to apply.
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Facility No: 073406649
This is one of the best preschool in  Richmond. A Preschool and montessori school in
Richmond. I
Our school give lots of opportunities for creative expression and free play

Our balanced program features age-appropriate academics, enriching art and music, fun
physical activities, and lots of opportunities for creative expression and free play. We also
emphasize good manners and character building, with the belief that developing traits such
as kindness and respect are just as important as learning the A B C

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A Little World Montessori Preschool

(510) 412-2244


Open till
6:30 PM
Lessons include Yoga,Singing, Music, Spanish Language etc..

The Right Path For Kids
Who Love To Learn
As parents, we look ahead and see our kids get best education someday.
Give your child every chance for future success by choosing the best in early childhood
education in your area.
A Little World Montessori School  is a convenient, safe and very affordable
childcare and early childhood education solution
. A Private Preschool serving El
Cerrito, Richmond, Point Richmond, Richmond View, San Pablo ..... in California.
Our dedicated, experienced preschool teachers provide a balanced program that
includes age-appropriate academics, enriching art and music, creative free play and
stimulating physical activities.

El Cerrito, Richmond

324 37th Street Richmond, CA 94805
Cross Street Barrett Ave
200 meters from San Pablo Ave.

Open Monday to Friday 7AM to 6:30PM